A great resource for Event flyers in the St Louis area: STLBIKING
Racing info for Missouri: MOBRA

Two crtieriums this weekend including the continuation of the Tour of St Louis Series:

Saturday 4/6 Carondelicious

Sunday 4/7 Tilles Park

The Tuesday Night Worlds Criteriums, may have a tongue in cheek name, but they are a very valuable training tool.

Thanks to Mike Weiss and the Big Shark crew as well as the City of St. Louis for providing a fast and safe course.

This has to be one of the coolest gravel events in our region. Jeff Yielding puts together two great days of racing/riding on the non-paved goodness of the wine country.

April 13-14 Tour of Herman Gravel Challenge

Tour of St. Louis RESULTS

Tuesday Night Crits at Carondolet Park thru thru 8/27: Flyer

Lost Valley Luaa kicks off United Federation of Dirt racing on 3/24

Collegiate Racing at Lindendwood U.

An exciting weekend with three events to get the spring legs jump started. Scored as an Omnium with great payouts, Saturday March 16th and Sunday March 17th: Tour of St. Louis

Very likely will live up to it's name this year. A bit of winter storm on the way midweek:

Froze Toes Road Race has been moved to March 10th due to Storm Q. Updated flyer

The weather has bounced around so much in the last few weeks that it's possible the Cold Hearted Crits might not be so cold.

February 2nd kicks off, second race February 16th.

Spot the locals! Day One RESULTS from the UCI Masters World Championship. Slightly slippery to drying conditions. Mud tomorrow. Frozen by Friday!