A great resource for Event flyers in the St Louis area: STLBIKING
Racing info for Missouri: MOBRA

Starting in May, it's back to the velodrome. The rather famous Mr. Bumpy Face will feel the wrath of fixed gear fever.

Track racing in St. Louis: FLYER

The weather caused a scheduling change of last week's event (makeup date on Monday April 29th), but it should be a go for tonight's Wednesday Night Time Trial.

Carondolet Park hosts criterium training every Tuesday thru August 27th. Divided into A and B and a very beginner friendly C class. C's begin on April 20th.

An essential event for local racers: Tuesday Night Worlds

Gravel racing/riding is hot. Jeff Yielding gives us a couple of days worth of the best this weekend 4/13 and 4/14:

Photos on Facebook hereRESULTS

Two crtieriums this weekend including the continuation of the Tour of St Louis Series:

Saturday 4/6 Carondelicious

Sunday 4/7 Tilles Park

The Tuesday Night Worlds Criteriums, may have a tongue in cheek name, but they are a very valuable training tool.

Thanks to Mike Weiss and the Big Shark crew as well as the City of St. Louis for providing a fast and safe course.

This has to be one of the coolest gravel events in our region. Jeff Yielding puts together two great days of racing/riding on the non-paved goodness of the wine country.

April 13-14 Tour of Herman Gravel Challenge

Tour of St. Louis RESULTS

Tuesday Night Crits at Carondolet Park thru thru 8/27: Flyer

Lost Valley Luaa kicks off United Federation of Dirt racing on 3/24

Collegiate Racing at Lindendwood U.