In the Pocket

We've been using the Lever+ for a couple of years. We've been avoiding underseat saddle bags for 20 years. This well designed tool offers a compact way to wrap a spare tube with an integrated velcro strap. Two allen wrenches that double as screwdrivers on the opposite end complete a basic toolset for most on the road fixes. 

We all have flats. Our Localcycling. com Test Team has used the Lever+ to change both on road and offroad, as well as tubeless cyclocross. The 'bite' of the lever gets under the bead better than some other well known levers. While we often carry a second plastic tire lever as a backup, the single lever method of tire removal (sliding the lever all the way around the diameter) works quite well with this tool. The wrenches have been used to adjust saddles and derailleur stops. 

Minimmalist? You betcha. Perfect. Available at your LBS (local bike store).