Plaid is Rad

We at spend a lot of time in team kit, so it's actually refreshing to get to wear something more fashion forward rather than a moving billboard.

A few months back we secured several items from the folks at Danny Shane. We had seen some of their work providing the Leader's Jerseys at the Tour of Lawrence. We had also heard they had a pretty unique story.

Besides some interesting pattern designs, Danny Shane jerseys are made from a unique (and proprietary) fabric; blended from Bamboo White Ash and recycled polyster. In fact at minimum 50% of the material is Bamboo White Ash. Of course there are other natural fibers used in cycling clothing, notably wool, but we were intriqued.

We found the clothing to have a soft feel, almost silk like. The short sleeve jerseys (full zip) were worn on some scorching days. The fabric wicked quite well, and had substantially better breathability than most of our full synthetics.


A long sleeve jersey was used throughout the Fall and early Spring. In fact it became a favorite piece for 'casual' rides that tended to end with a coffee or glass of wine. The plaid stylings could (nearly) pass for 'street wear'. A performance bonus of the long sleeve is a fleece lined collar. That simple addition extends the weather range of the still lightweight jersey.

We did torture test the jerseys a bit. It's rare to find time to hand wash or hang dry at the Localcycling Service Course. The clothing was regularly machine washed and tumble dryed on 'low'. Despite our slight deviation from the care instructions, the clothing has proven quite durable. No color fade or noticeable wear after six months. We did manage to pop a stitch at the zipper start (from a not too gentle tug), but a couple of quick stitches put things back in order. Treated with care, these are long lasting 'upscale' jerseys you will use for years.

We are quite partial to the various plaid combinations (show in the photos) but there are some great looking 'retro' options as well.

You'll find Danny Shane Cyclist Apparel in a number of shops in cities covered by There is a Dealer Search feature on their website.

PHOTOS by Mark Breeding