Urban 200

There are a lots of lights for lots of different lighting needs.

Light and Motion created the Urban Series as a bicycle commuter light. The 200 refers to the lumens output, a scale that is perhaps the best indication of brightness.

We have a number of heavier/supposedly brighter light sets at the Localcycling.com Service Course. We have also been disappointed often as the technology over promises and under deilvers.

The Light and Motion folks pride themselves on accurately measuring lumens of their product. In fact they offer comparisons of other manufacturers that indicate not everyone's claims are spot on.


We use the Urban 200 for on road slow to medium pace rides. But even in low or no street light situations we felt quite confident. The Urban is signifcantly brighter than another competitors model claiming the same lumens. Lens quality and light coloration are also excellent.

The 200 is a basic handlebar mount. At $100 it's a versatile, quick to attach and competent light. We love the USB charge method. Light and machined well, it also makes a super emergency flashlight (we've used it for that function).

But there are limitations. We wish the light included a helmet mount. AND if were going fast, the next model up (Urban 400) or L&M's Performance lights would be the better choice. Still for errands, recovery rides, medium pace under street lights, this is very good.