Book Review: Cycle Sport

The full title, The Complete Cycle Sport Guide is pretty accurate. One of our staff first came across this book in the early 80's. Long out of print it continues to stand the test of time.

You'll likely have to hit the internet for a copy of Dr. Peter Konopka's english language guide to bicycle racing.  The book holds a wealth of knowledge, from some very basics of bike fit and clothing, to some rather complicated nutrition and training tables. And we mean complicated in a good way. The Doctor's formulas and charts contain a wealth of info to develop a serious training program.

Tactics and technique are covered in some depth. Strenghth and flexibility are emphasized (there is a wonderful section on Yoga. 1981!). The science is explained in detail. All disciplines get their due; Road, Track and Cyclocross.

Are modern methods better? We'l let the reader be the final judge, but we find this 30+ year old book quite forward thinking.

At our staff have been exposed to a number of excellent coaches and programs (see this article for some outstanding KC trainers). We recommend a 'live' coach over a book for sure, but if your budget says you need to go it alone, this is a darn good resource. We picked up our current copy for $ 00.14.