Eurostyle Embrocation

The term 'embrocation' doesn't often ring a bell for the novice cyclist; but for the experienced racers in particular it is one of the most essential items for comfortable riding.

We're not going to try to explain all the science and myths behind the creams and concoctions that cyclists use to warm their skin and muscles with. The usage of embrocations has been around since racers pulled out razors to shave legs. We will say that our team of testers use embro almost year round, and couldn't imagine going without.

The most important feature our users look for is appropriate warmth. Adding a layer of embrocation to legs or lower back should be an effective tool against cold. That's either the sensation of cold skin or cold muscles.

Eurostyle comes in two temperatures: warm and hot. We found those two settings cover the full range of the cycling environment.


A substantial amount of our test period was during cyclocross season. Our riders used Eurostyle in events held between 60 and 15 degrees Farenhieit. In early season races, a thin application of the 'warm' was more than adequate. As the season progressesd, the testers massaged in a light layer before adding leg or knee warmers. A nice benefit of embrocation is that a thin film can help keep warmers from sliding down (Katy Compton may have found that beneficial at Hoogerheide a few years back). The cream like density of Eurostyle massages into the skin quite well, but still retains enough 'on top' to act as a light wind or water shield.

Our most skin sensitive tester had no irritation problems with Eurostyle warm AND felt it was quite capable of the coldest events, including Masters Worlds in Louisville on the 'ice' day.

The more aggressive 'hot' formulation was favored by our tester that was very familiar with many 'over the top' older formulations. This tester was impressed at the long lasting heat and the creamy formula. Having used waxier embrocations that provided a layer of wet protection, but failed to massage in well enough for a sense of deep heating, the tester found Eurostyle was superior in both demands.

The tub dispenser was very handy. Our testers generally applied Eurostyle with a plastic sandwich bag (to avoid misplaced embroction). One tub was adequate for two racers and 6 months of CX season; training and racing.

Bottom line on Eurostyle? Great new take on a traditional product. Winner.

Next Up: The best product ever for embrocation removal