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The good folks at Bridging the Gap are offering a variety of bike clinics around town. Watch for them to put on a pretty good Earth Day Festival at Shawnee Mission Park on April 21st. The news team will be also be on hand at Earth Day with some "everyday" riding tips fresh from Belgium.
News Flash from Chris Hess: "Tonight's NEET criterium has been postponed."

Cold temperatures plus a cruel North wind slowed the times, but a hardy group of chrono heads showed up for the first of the monthly NEET Time Trials at Gardner Airport. Chris and Keri Hess, with some holding help from Mark Breeding, ran a very smooth event, despite having to operate timing equipment with very cold fingers. Click on the 'read more' for complete results:

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In an effort to generate year round revenue, local commercial haunted house, The Edge of Hell , will add an indoor velodrome to it's attractions. Typical haunted houses are only operated during the month of October. Edge of Helll manager, Mary Shelley told that she expects construction to begin near the first of April, 2008 AND that a full fare of track racing will be offered, including six-day events. Because of size limitations at the venue, many of the spooky props will be displayed both in the infield and warmup areas of the 666 meter track. Watch for full details when the website is up and running at

The opening Tuesday night training criterium at the Kansas Commerce Center has been postponed due to weather: details. The folks at the KCA have posted results for last weekend's Spring Fling and Perry #2. will have photos form these events up soon.

Here's the press release from our area 'powerhouse' team:

HRRC is proud to announce the team for 2007 and will include riders from Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. This year Jay Thomas, Josh Crow along with Peter Maxwell have joined forces to merge the two top teams in regional cycling together. HRRC and MRRC will now be known as HRRC / Trek Stores. With 6 Cat - 1 riders and 3 Cat - 2 riders, the team will be racing a mostly regional calendar for the 2007 season. The roster will be the following: (click on 'read more' below)

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Here are a few interesting blogs with perspective on cycling and the Kansas City Metro: and 

One of the highlights of the localcycling news team's recent trip to Belgium was visiting our friend Jos Daems. Mr. Daems treated our group to an amazing training ride around the city of Mol.  Jos and several of his riding buddies met us for an early morning continental breakfast featuring fresh baked local pastry. While Jos and his regular Thursday group rode mountain bikes, the five in our party were astride cyclocross bikes. Over the next three and a half hours we sampled a fantastic network of singletrack, connnecting lanes and tiny bits of pavement. The trails were very similar to the Lawrence, Kansas River Levee trails, with maybe a slight bit more of elevation change. There was storm debris from the recent high winds in some sections, being quickly attended to by crews with saws. Another amazing thing: the trails were all private property, but with free access to all. And while our guide had fat tires, we found them just right for a 'cross bike. What we couldn't do however, were the nose wheelies and handlebar seated tricks that Jos demonstrated during a regroup. (Keep reading!)


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