Coming up: Gravel!

Roger Harrison hosts some unique events. The format for this one is a 6 hour team event, held on a running track to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

It's an annual event that always promises plenty of fun and early season mileage.

Saturday January 30th in Leavenworth: Facebook page with details.

This is an interesting way to fight winter/season change/cabin fever. The Street Cred Series offers up some unique takes on 'traditional' racing disciplines.

Read the Rules and be cool. 

Next round is Saturday January 23rd. Facebook page with details.

Kick off your new year with some gravel on Saturday 1/16. The Mullet Ride starts in Baldwin City. Expect some rolling hills.

The weather indicates a cool start for this "Business at the Front, Party at the Back" ride.

Mullet Ride Facebook page

Here are the placings of the area riders that we spotted at Cyclocross Nationals in Asheville. Let us know if we missed anyone!


15     Shadd Smith


2Thomas Price

29Doug Campbell


19Harold Parker


34Wesley Boyce


31Carolina Navarro


19Liliana Navarro


30Fineas Howser

Collegiate D1

37 Lane Johnson


46 Lane Johnson


A final, muddy race to close out Series60cx and the local cyclocross season.

Next up for a few local riders: USAC Cyclocross Nationals in Ashville, N.C.


Many photos from Roger Harrison

A frozen course with icy ruts turned to soupy mud over the course of the day. Plenty of folks were using this race as a tune up for Asheville.

RESULTS                                                         Photos by Roger Harrison

We do it all over on Sunday January 3rd at the same park: Grote Prijs Shawnee, the finale of this season's Series60CX.

Lots of prizes and plenty of beer at the end of the day. Food and beverage tips benefits Gray's Riders.

'Cross Off The Old Year happens on Thursday December 31st at Herman Laird Park. Be ready for some winter conditions. There should be a power wash on site. Warm registration and bathrooms plus lots of beer. Also, there will be a special Eurozone prime offered to select categories. The good folks at Chamois Butt'r have offered up some prizes to the fastest rider for a portion of the first lap in select categories.

Also note, the schedules for 'Cross Off and Grote Prijs Shawnee have been slightly altered to combine the Cat 1 and 2's with the Cat 3's, plus an earlier start for the 4's and 5's.

The rains came after the last race making for relatively pleasant 'cross conditions. The new course was greeted with enthusiasm by many riders. The log barrier in the woods claimed on casualty.

RESULTS (there is a possible change coming in the Cat 5 race).  Photos by Roger Harrison Photos by Jesse Miquel

A couple of notes on safety, etiquette and rules. The USAC rule book is thick (and online). It's tough for a racer to know all the details, but some basics that can help everyone. Pre riding the course while a race is still being contested has the potential for a DQ. Listen to the Officials closely as to IF and WHEN and WHERE the course is open. Even if you are allowed on to warm up, you need to make absolutely sure you don't pass a rider that is still competing. With everyone wearing a number, that might be hard to determine, so best practice would be to wait until all racers are finished or look for an earlier warm up period (that's what the pros do).

IF the posted race results don't match what you believe them to be, contact an Official within 15 minutes of the posting. Yes, that's a pretty short window, but that's the rule.